Dragon Age: Inquisition – Cheats for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

by Corinna

If you want to use cheats in Dragon Age: Inquisition cheats, it primarily depends on whether you play the game on PC, PlayStation or Xbox.

Dragon Age: Inquisition cheats on PC

The bad news first: Cheats do not exist out of the box in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Although various cheat tables have been made over the years, it is difficult to find versions that still work due to the age of the game. Usually the tables are written for specific versions of the game and no longer work with the latest updates.

  • On the PC, there is the game’s developer console, which you can access. However, this only allows you to make adjustments to certain settings of the game and does not have cheats in the classic sense.
  • You can unlock the developer console by navigating to Dragon Age: Inquisition in your Origin game library, clicking on the cover of the game and then clicking on the cogwheel. In the menu that opens, click on “Game Properties” and navigate to “Advanced Launch Settings”. In the command line, type “-enabledeveloperconsole” without the inverted commas and save it.
  • In the game, open the console by pressing the ^ key. The console is displayed at the top left of the screen and you can use various commands via the command line.
  • The most important command is GameTime.MaxVariableFps 144 where the number at the end represents the maximum FPS. The game only allows 30 FPS by default, which is why this small change massively improves performance. You set the number at the end of the command according to your computer or monitor. Most monitors and computers nowadays support 60 FPS, so this is a good guideline.
  • Use the mod Cheaty McCheaterson’s Cheats Emporium to make various cheats your own. The mod improves various items and their passive abilities to give your character a huge strength boost.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Exploits for all platforms

Whether you play Dragon Age: Inquisition on the PC, the Playstation or the Xbox – with various exploits you make your entry into Dragon Age: Inquisition much easier.

  • With a trick you can duplicate crafting materials, as long as they are stackable. To do this, go to a merchant and navigate to the Sell tab. Mark all the items you want to duplicate as valuable items and click “Sell” and “Sell All” at the same time. This will duplicate both the items and the gold. Note, however, that you need a controller for this trick and this does not work with keyboard and mouse.
  • The mission timers in the War Room can be easily bypassed by advancing the time on your terminal (PC, Xbox, Playstation) by the required time. You don’t even have to restart the game for this exploit to work and save yourself unnecessary waiting. After you have collected the reward for the completed mission, you can set the time correctly again without hesitation.
  • Another exploit is unlocking the Inquisition Perks through the NPC Envoy Farris, who appears after the War Table mission “The Price of Power”. If you buy items from him, sell them back to him and repeat this process, you will unlock all the Inquisition Perks very quickly.

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