Dredge: Shape in Blue – how to solve the quest

by Johannes

Figure in Blue is a quest in Dredge in which you have to bring three specific fish to a mysterious figure

Figure in Blue side quest in Dredge: Find all the fish

The figure in blue is a mysterious person you meet in Dredge on a small island between the market town and the storm cliffs. You must bring her three fish.

  • The first is a blue mackerel, which you can catch in the Market Towns area. The fish can be found near the coast
  • Blue mackerel are one of the first fish you are likely to catch in the game. They are diurnal and quite easy to catch.
  • This is followed by a tiger mackerel. You can also find these during the day, but you have to go to the storm cliffs to catch them.
  • Tiger mackerel are also found close to the coast. Use fishing rods or trawls to catch them.
  • Note: The shape in blue also takes on anomalies of the fish you are looking for.

Dredge: Catch snake mackerel for the shape in blue

To complete the quest in Dredge, you will need a snake mackerel at the end.

  • These fish can be found in a dangerous area of the game. You have to travel to the Devil’s Ridge in the north-east to find them
  • The fish can be found near the coast at any time of day. To avoid dangerous monsters, you can therefore go in search of snake mackerel during the day.
  • You can use fishing rods and trawls. You have the best chance when using nets. Install an improved version on your ship to increase the catch rate
  • Take the snake mackerel to the figure in blue. As a reward, you will receive a book that improves your trading skill. After reading it, you will pay five percent less when buying and receive five percent more for each sale

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