Elden Ring: How to use gestures

by Flo

Gestures are an important feature in the popular multiplayer game Elden Ring. You use the gestures to communicate with other players. The gestures are a kind of avatar that transmits messages.

How to use gestures in Elden Ring

Gestures are the primary source of communication in Elden Ring multiplayer. You can activate them in two different ways.

  • On the one hand, you can activate the gestures via the main menu. On the right of the menu you will then find a gesture selection. This allows you to select the gesture you want to use or swap.
  • You can also activate a gesture without opening the menu. To do this, look at the corresponding controller movements of the individual gestures in the gesture menu beforehand. You can then use this to call up the individual gestures.
  • To do this, first press the triangle on the PS5 and thus issue the command “Cancel interaction/elements”. Then give the corresponding movements to the gesture with the controller.

This is what gestures are all about

The gestures are also called “emotes” and describe certain actions and animations of a player’s avatar, which communicates messages to other players.

  • You can make the gestures globally and at any time. It’s a handy way to send notes to fellow players.
  • These gesture functions are helpful for giving other players important hints about locations and directions. This is especially good if your fellow player can’t find his way around the map.
  • The most popular gestures include clapping, greeting, waving and sitting. However, the gestures can also express emotions such as sadness or joy.
  • Gestures can actually also show you unknown places or trigger boss fights or new quests. Therefore, be careful how and where you use the gestures.

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