iPad glass: Costs and prices for repair

by Johannes

If the touchscreen glass of the iPad breaks during a fall, a repair is necessary. What this costs or whether it is a warranty case, we tell you here.

50 to 100 euros: the self-repair

Yourself is the man/woman. The lowest costs are incurred if you do it yourself. However, you should be well versed in electronics – or accept certain risks.

  • Experts strongly advise you not to repair it yourself! The reason: Apple will no longer provide a warranty – even if you are still entitled to one! The warranty ends as soon as a non-Apple person opens the iPad. In addition, an iPad has a highly complicated structure, and specialist workshops assure you that they know of many cases in which iPads have been completely destroyed by non-professional repair attempts. So, if you decide to repair it yourself, take this into account.
  • You can find instructions on how to disassemble an iPad on YouTube under the keyword “iPad disassembly”. You can buy the necessary spare parts yourself from Apple, eBay or specialised online shops. The prices depend on which iPad model you have and how extensive the damage is. Is only the outer glass affected? Then the price could be limited to around 45 euros (for the iPad mini) to 100 euros.
  • It will be more expensive if the touchscreen function part is also affected. And most expensive if it is an iPad Air. In the worst case, it adds up to around 150 euros.
  • There is also a very cheap polishing paste that claims to be able to repair scratches in the display. For a price of around 5 euros, however, this seems suspicious.

120 to 250 euros: Professional repair services

There are many specialised repair services that even offer fast help with free shipping and delivery.

  • In big cities like Hamburg, there are even branches with the www.ihelpstore.de that do a repair within 30 minutes, but also offer nationwide send-in service with a cost estimate.
  • The same applies to the provider Justcom. At Justcom, for example, it costs 189 euros to repair the display of a current iPad Air.
  • The provider McRepair also offers repairs for iPads, here the repair of the display for an iPad Air costs 199 euros.
  • At kaputt.de you can also send in your iPad for repair and have your display repaired.
  • If you are transporting an iPad with cracks and/or breaks in the touchscreen, it is important that it does not get too cold. Otherwise, the situation threatens to get worse. Therefore, especially in winter, pack it well, preferably wrapping it in warm cloths to prevent breakage – even if you are sending it to a repair service.
  • You also need to think carefully about whether it is still worth repairing. Alternatively, you could sell the broken iPad on eBay & Co. and buy a new, better model.

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