Fortnite is lagging: What you can do

by Pramith

What you can do if Fortnite lags is quite extensive. There are several solutions available to you to improve performance

What to do when Fortnite is lagging: Fix network and server issues

Lagging Fortnite significantly limits the fun of the game and can even have a negative impact on your ranking. This is often due to network or server problems.

  • Check your network connection, as the game is designed for sufficient bandwidth. You can get more information about the current connection strength via a ping test
  • Alternatively, restart your router or change the connection. If you are using WLAN, switch to an Ethernet connection if possible. This can often help with network problems in Fortnite and stabilize the game
  • The lags can also be caused by overloaded Fortnite servers or updates from Epic Games. In this case, there is unfortunately nothing else you can do. Wait a little and try to play a new round later
  • Check in the Fortnite settings whether you have selected the correct server region. For an optimal gaming experience and short ping times, you should select a region that is closest to your location. For Germany, this would be the Europe region

What to do if Fortnite lags: More troubleshooting

There are other problems that can lead to lagging in Fortnite. These are usually caused by the system you are using.
You can use the launcher to check whether an update is available. Install this to ensure optimum performance

  • Verify the game files via the launcher to fix problems with them. To do this, click on the three dots next to the Fortnite icon in the Epic Games library to get more settings.
  • Click on Manage and then on the Check option. The launcher will now check the files and repair any damaged ones to bring the game up to scratch.
  • It also helps if you turn down the graphics a little on weaker systems. Also make sure that you have installed the latest graphics card drivers.
  • Close background programs and set up an exception in the firewall for Fortnite. This will prevent the game from being blocked or its performance being impaired.
  • Tip: Restart your computer and only run the game. This will ensure optimum resource availability.

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