Play Disney’s Lorcana online: How it works

by Pramith

Disneys Lorcana is a trading card game from Ravensburger that you can play online. There are various ways to do this, for example via Pixelborn.

Play Disney’s Lorcana online with Pixelborn

Disney’s Lorcana is a physical trading card game that can be played with others and in which cards can be traded. As it is not always easy to get all the card collectors around the table, there is the option of moving the game to the online world.

  • The Lorcana trading card game has a digital companion app for Android and iOS. It includes a card library, a deck builder, a knowledge counter and a section on how to play. However, Disney’s Lorcana cannot be played via the app.
  • If you want to play Disney Lorcana online, you currently still need an unofficial app developed by fans (as of July 2024). Pixelborn is one of the favorites here.
  • In Pixelborn there is a so-called Gathering Arena where you can compete and play online against other Lorcana fans. Important: Pixelborn reproduces graphics and text on the Disney Lorcana cards. This could violate copyright law
  • Ravensburger, the developer and publisher of Disney’s Lorcana, would certainly have a good chance of stopping Pixelborn in court. So far, however, no legal action has been taken

So you can play Pixelborn

The first step is to download the Pixelborn app to your cell phone. You can also use Pixelborn on your PC and laptop, which simplifies the application. Go to your settings and allow the browser to install unknown applications. Then download the Lorcana files and open them via the browser.

  • Once you have downloaded the file/app, you must add the map images separately. To do this, start the application and open the menu settings at the top right of the screen. Paste the link provided in the Discord into the second field without spaces. Then restart Pixelborn so that the images are uploaded
  • To play Lorcana in Pixelborn, you need a deck. On the left-hand side you will find the “Collection” tab. There you will find a catalog of all current Lorcana cards as well as confirmed cards from upcoming sets.
  • In the “Collection” submenu “Decks” click on “New Deck”. Now you can start creating a new Lorcana deck
    Alternatively, you have the option of importing decks from other fan-created Disney Lorcana clients such as Dreamborn or Lorcania. In this case, use the “Export to Pixelborn” button.
  • Under the “Collection” tab, you can also store a limited number of alternative card backs and player boards. Once you have created a deck, click on the “Play” tab.
  • Here are several options you can select, including “Ranked” (tiered, competitive mode), “Lab” (casual play without points and ranks) or “Custom” (casual and private play mode).

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