Graveyard Keeper: Get blue points – the best tips

by Pramith

You need blue tech points in Graveyard Keeper to research further technologies. You can farm the points with the appropriate measures

Graveyard Keeper: Obtain blue tech points through crafting

Blue points are an essential part of science in Graveyard Keeper. You can obtain them by researching a variety of items. However, if you want to earn the points permanently, you should craft certain items.

  • Crafting hemp ropes and tombstones is particularly effective. Both items reward you with five blue points each. Produce as many as possible and then sell the surplus
  • You will receive even more points if you produce injections and conical vessels. They are also very useful, as you mainly need the injections for the corpse quality. The vessels only require glass as a resource and you can therefore produce them in large quantities.
  • Stone and marble grave borders are just as effective. They reward at least five blue tech points with every unit produced. In combination with a quarry and your service zombies, you can mine and process enough stone and marble
  • You can also craft notes, leaflets and books. Although these require significantly more resources, they give you a lot of points.
  • This also applies to church items such as urns, candles and prayers. These will permanently provide you with a considerable amount of blue dots.

Get blue tech points in Graveyard Keeper: More tips

If you don’t want to craft your own ink and other resources for the tips already mentioned, we have other methods for you to get more blue tech points in Graveyard Keeper:

  • Buy books from the astrologer. Read them to earn 30 to 75 blue points, depending on the quality level. You spend four to 15 silver coins per book, which is a worthwhile investment.
  • For 100 blue points, you must reach the 15th level of the dungeon for Snake. There you will find theGolden Apple, which will then reward you with the aforementioned amount.
  • There are also certain items that reward you with many points after studying them: Incense in all quality levels, church items, grave items such as marble sculptures and body parts. Dark body parts in particular, such as the dark heart, reward you with 100 blue points.
  • You can increase the amount of points you receive with food. The following foods reward you with an additional blue point when you investigate with faith: Cakes, grape tarts, lentil dishes and cheesecake.

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