Palia: Find and use iron ore – all info

by Mike

In Palia you have the opportunity to collect iron ore. You should know where you can find it and what you can use it for

How to find iron ore in Palia

In the MMO game Palia, you need iron ore to complete various tasks, among other things.

  • To find iron ore, go to Bahari Bay.
  • You can recognize it by the grey stones, which are offset with black accents.
  • If there are blue accents, you should look further, because in this case it is Palium.
  • You can mine the iron ore with an ordinary pickaxe and then process it into ingots in the furnace.
  • For one ingot you need 5 times iron ore.
  • If you don’t want to make the iron ingots yourself, you can also buy them from Sifuu’s smithy. However, you will have to pay 170 gold pieces for this
  • You need the iron ore in Palia to build furniture and an iron storage chest, among other things.

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