Helldivers 2: PSN obligation, that’s what’s behind it

by Johannes

The PSN requirement for Helldivers 2 was announced by Sony. Steam players would have had to link their account to a PSN account

Helldivers 2: Planned PSN requirement explained

Helldivers has been available for PS5 and PC via Steam since its release. All you need to play is the appropriate account on the respective platform.

  • In early May 2024, Sony announced that the Steam version would soon no longer be playable without a linked PSN account. According to Sony, this was an additional protective measure
  • So all new players should link their account from May 6, 2024, while all those who already own the game would still have time until May 30, 2024. After that, Helldivers 2 would no longer be playable without a PSN account
  • This announcement has led to an outcry within the Helldivers 2 and even the gaming community within a few hours. In response to the planned change, over a hundred thousand negative reviews of the game appeared on Steam within a short space of time
  • Another problem: There are over 170 countries in which it is not possible to create a PSN account without a PlayStation console. For a large part of these countries, the sale of Helldivers 2 on Steam was quickly discontinued by Sony
  • These decisions only further inflamed the shitstorm surrounding the topic. It was even possible to return the game via Steam, even if the previous playing time was longer than two hours.
  • Even the developer studio Arrowhead Games Studios has commented on the issue via Creative Director Johan Pilestedt in a tweet on X (formerly Twitter). According to him, the fans’ reaction was “justified”

Helldivers 2: No PSN obligation after all

The planned PSN requirement for Helldivers 2 was subsequently recalled due to negative reactions from Sony.

  • In an update dated May 6, 2024, there was an official statement from Sony on the subject. According to this, the link will “not be implemented”
  • The reason for this is the feedback on the announcement. The publisher does not yet know “what works best for PC players” and therefore values feedback from the community.
  • At the moment, it seems that gamers don’t have to worry about a future PSN obligation. This is also reflected in the reviews of Helldivers 2 on Steam, which have turned positive again since the update

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