Fire TV remote control flashes orange & more: What it means

by Corinna

If the Fire TV remote control flashes orange, it indicates a loss of connection to the stick. The problem can be solved quickly

Fire TV remote control flashes orange: Important information about the problem

The remote control of your Fire TV Stick flashes orange to indicate a connection problem.

  • The stick and the remote control can no longer establish a connection with each other. In this case, simply reset the Fire TV stick
  • Disconnect the Fire TV Stick from the TV and reconnect it. Then press and hold the home button (house symbol) for ten seconds to complete the reset.
  • If the stick flashes white, the Fire TV stick connected to the remote control is not switched on. Either check the stick’s power supply to rectify the problem or switch it on.
  • When the red light flashes slowly, the remote control indicates a low battery. Either 1.5 volt alkaline batteries or 1.2 volt NiMH rechargeable batteries are suitable for charging, both variants in size AAA.
  • If it flashes red and fast, the remote control needs to be reset. To do this, disconnect the Fire TV Stick from the power supply and wait 60 seconds.
  • Then press the Home, Left and Back buttons simultaneously for at least twelve seconds. Release the buttons and wait a few more seconds before removing the batteries from the remote control.
  • Switch the Fire TV Stick back on. You should now receive a message that the remote control is not recognized. Put the batteries back in and press the start button to start the connection process.
  • If the remote control flashes blue, the problem is solved. A blue light always indicates that everything is running smoothly with the remote control.

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