Kek: meaning of the internet meme explained

by Corinna

The meaning of “Kek” is mainly known in the gamer and youth scene. However, you should not confuse the internet meme with the term “cheeky”

Kek – that’s what’s behind the three letters

The Internet is full of terms whose meaning is often only familiar to the initiated. Terms such as “kek”, for example, which you should not confuse with the well-known term “keck”. That would be too easy.

  • Every scene likes to create its own styles, norms and, of course, some terminology to clearly distinguish itself from everyone else. This is no different in the youth scene than in the art world or among our politicians, for example.
  • In fact, it’s almost impossible to get to grips with all these terms. But if you have recently stumbled across the word “kek” and would like to know what it means, we don’t want to deprive you of it.
  • The term “kek” can be traced back to 2004, when the developers of the online game “World of Warcraft” created the term. In the game, there are two parties, the Alliance and the Horde, who are not allowed to communicate with each other. To keep the communication process under control, the game developers therefore interposed an automatic text translator.
  • If a member of the Alliance group sent the message “LOL” (short for laugh out loud) during the course of the game, the players in the Horde group were shown the three letters “KEK” instead. At some point, the players naturally realized that KEK stood for LOL. What could be more obvious than to turn the tables and use kek when you wanted to say that you were amused? From then on, the term “kek” became synonymous with “laugh” in the gaming scene.
  • At some point, other groups, such as rappers, came along and borrowed various terms from youth language and used them in their lyrics. The term “kek” took on a negative meaning in this context and stood for “loser” or “loser” in this scene.
  • In short: Depending on the milieu in which the word “kek” is used, it has a completely different meaning.

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