Minecraft: Crafting a bed – this is how it works

by Pramith

If you craft a bed in Minecraft, you can skip the night and set a spawn point. You only need a few materials to do this

Minecraft: How to craft a bed

Beds are important in Minecraft as they act as a spawn point and allow you to skip the night completely. As long as you protect the bed with walls and roofs, you won’t be surprised by monsters during the night.

  • To craft a bed, you need three wooden planks and three blocks of wool. The type of wood you use does not matter. You can obtain wool from sheep if you have a pair of scissors equipped and interact with the animals.
  • Wool color, on the other hand, is more important. All wool blocks must be the same color so that you can make a bed.
  • Interact with a workbench and place the three wool blocks in either the top or middle row. The three boards are placed underneath
  • The bed can then be positioned and used during the night. It is not available during the day or if there are monsters in the immediate vicinity.
  • Note: You can dye beds with any dye. A total of 16 colors are available.

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