Sims 4 cow plant: tips and tricks for growing and caring for it

by Johannes

The cow plant can be easily found in Sims 4. However, it is also possible to grow the plant yourself and make use of it

Find the cow plant berry in Sims 4

To grow a cow plant in Sims 4, you need a specific cow plant berry from which the plant will later grow. Use one of the four methods to find the berry.

  • In the water: The fishing skill gives you the chance to pull a cowberry out of the water. No specific level is required for this to happen. Nevertheless, an improved fishing skill increases the likelihood of coming across the berry.
  • In the garden: As soon as you have unlocked level 5 of the garden skill, you can graft plants – i.e. crossbreed them with each other. If you carry out this process with a snapdragon and a dragon fruit, you will receive a cowberry.
  • As a souvenir from space: Improve your Sim’s space technology skill to possibly find a cow plant berry in space.
  • Using a cheat: Although you can’t summon the cow plant using a simple cheat, there is a simple workaround. Open the cheat window by pressing the key combination “CTRL key + Shift key + C key”. Then activate the cheat “testingcheats true”. Finally, to make the cow plant berry visible, you must enter “bb.showhiddenobjects” and search for the berry in the object list of the construction mode

Cultivation and care of the cow plant

Once you have come into possession of a cowberry, there are only a few steps left to turn it into a full-grown plant.

  • Place the cowberry on grassy ground. Click on the berry and select “Plant”. Then water the sprout. Depending on the watering, the cow plant will be fully grown after at least five days, so that more interactions are possible.
  • From now on, you should feed the cow-shaped plant regularly and carry out social interactions with it. For example, the plant can be stroked
  • If you forget to feed the cow plant, it will automatically try to attract other Sims by offering them a piece of cake. Attention: As soon as you accept the offer, the cow plant swallows your Sim. If you swallow it repeatedly, your Sim may even die
  • Use this dangerous circumstance to allow yourself to be swallowed just once and then milk the cow plant. The milk contains the essence of the emotion the Sim was feeling at the time of swallowing. When a Sim drinks the milk, it receives that emotion
  • If you ignore the cow plant for a long time and keep it away from other Sims, it dies. What remains is a skeleton

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