Minecraft: Create a server for free – this is how it works

by Johannes

To create a server for free in Minecraft, you need the right provider and an account.

Create a server for Minecraft for free: Instructions

You can create a server in Minecraft for free by using a provider that is suitable for this purpose.

  • You can find various providers online that provide free servers. You usually have to reckon with small sacrifices in terms of performance with these.
  • These include, for example, Aternos and Minehut, which offer a large number of free servers. You have to register with the desired provider and can then create a free server.
  • Now you can create a server with the respective provider. To do this, you must create a new server with most providers in order to use it.
  • Then you can assign a name and an IP to the server. The server will probably have an IP according to this pattern: name.provider.domainextension.
  • For example, with the provider Aternos, an IP might look like this: minecraftfree.aternos.me. With Minehut, on the other hand, the following is possible: minecraftkostenlos.minehut.gg.
  • You can then edit the server and specify, for example, how many players are allowed or whether hardcore mode is activated. This makes it easy to adapt the server to the wishes of your group.
  • After creating the free server, all you have to do is join it via IP.

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