How can you play alone in Stumble Guys? Simply explained

by Corinna

How to play alone in Stumble Guys is a little unusual. We explain a workaround to play exclusively against bots

Playing alone in Stumble Guys: Here’s how to

If you want to play Stumble Guys in a quasi-solo mode, you need at least two different accounts on suitable devices.

  • This means, for example, that you play the Steam and Android versions via two different accounts. This is the only way to get the required number of players to start a solo lobby against bots.
  • Start the game using both accounts. Then switch to Group in the main menu on one platform. Within this menu, you can create a group.
  • Now both accounts have joined the group as players and you can start a round. Since the remaining 30 seats are not filled, they will be filled with bots.

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