Minecraft: Finding diamonds – here’s how it works

by Pramith

Diamonds can be found deep underground in Minecraft. To get the valuable gems for armor and weapons, you have to dig

Find diamonds in Minecraft: Height matters

While you can often find iron and coal in mines, you have to dig deeper for diamonds in Minecraft.

  • Diamonds can be found between levels 15 to -65. The gemstones are not tied to a specific biome, so they can appear anywhere.
  • The gemstones are most commonly found between levels -40 and -64, which means you have to dig down to the bedrock to get the largest quantities of diamonds. You can only mine diamonds with iron pickaxes.
  • Since a block only drops one diamond ore at a time, it is worth enchanting your iron pickaxe. Depending on the level, the enchantment Luck increases the amount of ore received up to a possible four pieces.
  • You can also find individual diamonds in crates that appear in various places. You have the highest chance of finding them in buried treasures, villages, final settlements and Nether fortresses.
  • You can also find diamonds by working Strange Sand with a brush. To do this, you must go to a desert temple

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