Minecraft: How to find spawners

by Mike

Spawners can be found in numerous locations in Minecraft. They are a source for a wide variety of mobs, which you can take advantage of

Find spawners in Minecraft: Locations

Spawners in Minecraft spawn mobs that are characteristic of the respective environment. There are various locations that can contain spawners and that you should keep an eye out for:

  • Mines and dungeons usually have spawners. The spawnable mobs include spiders, skeletons and zombies, which can appear at irregular intervals.
  • Spawners for spiders in forest estates can be found on the second or third floor. They can be recognized by numerous spider webs. Depending on the placement, you can recognize the spawner from the outside through a window.
  • Fortresses and Nether fortresses are excellent spots to find spawners. In fortresses, you will always find silverfish spawners at the end portal. In Nether Fortresses, there are usually two spawners for Lohen, which can theoretically be placed anywhere
  • You can also find a magma cube spawner in bastion ruins. These hang below bridges in treasure chambers
  • Attention: You cannot dismantle and take spawners with you in survival mode. If you need the corresponding monster due to a specific resource, you must be in the vicinity of the spawners

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