Minecraft: How do I craft a saddle?

by Pramith

The saddle in Minecraft allows you to ride mobs such as horses, pigs or walkers. You cannot craft the item

Minecraft: Finding a saddle instead of crafting

If you are looking for a saddle for your horses and other mounts in Minecraft, there are several sources of supply available to you. However, you cannot craft the item yourself.

  • You can buy saddles from villagers with the tanner profession. There is a ten percent chance of this happening
  • If horses or pigs already have a saddle, they will drop them when they die. You can find these in villages, for example.
  • Destroyers and horsemen can also drop a saddle after their death with a chance of less than one percent. Riders can also drop saddles if they are spawned with them
  • Chests in the following locations can also reward you with saddles: Villages, Jungle Temples, Desert Temples, Dungeons, Ancient Sites, Bastion Ruins, Fortresses, Nether Fortresses and End Settlements. They are not guaranteed.
  • Saddles are also available as fishing treasure. However, the chance is quite small.

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