Minecraft: Getting the Sniffer – what you need to know

by Pramith

The Sniffer in Minecraft is a unique animal that provides you with a variety of different seeds. You have to hatch the creatures yourself

Minecraft: How to get Sniffer

Sniffers cannot be found like other animals in Minecraft. You can only get the friendly creatures by sniffing.

  • Sniffer eggs can only be found in ocean ruins, which are located in warm waters. So grab a boat and keep an eye out for structures in the ocean
  • Once you have found an ocean ruin, all you need is a paintbrush. You can make this using a workbench from a feather in the upper field, a copper ingot in the middle field and a stick in the lower field.
  • Now you have to find suspicious sand in the ocean ruins. These are sand blocks that are slightly darker than the normal ones and do not drop anything when you mine them. Use the brush on these instead
  • The brush is the only way to get loot from suspicious sand blocks, which also include the sniffer. It has a 6.7 percent chance of dropping. This means it may take a little longer before you receive an egg
  • You then simply place the sniffer egg in the world. It hatches on its own after 20 minutes and a young sniffer appears. You can halve the time if you hatch the egg on a moss block.
  • Note: Ideally, you should hatch two sniffer eggs to obtain a pair. If you feed the sniffers with ginger lily seeds, they will mate and produce an egg.

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