Midjourney: How to use your own images

by Mike

You can use your own images in Midjourney to use them as a reference for your prompts. To do this, you must upload the image to the bot

Use your own images in Midjourney: Procedure explained

You can use images to support the generation of prompts in Midjourney. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Open Discord and then switch to the Midjourney bot. Then upload the desired image:
  • Use either the drag & drop function or the plus sign, both of which allow you to upload a file. Wait until the image is displayed in the bot.
  • Now you need the image URL so that the AI can use it. To do this, click or tap on the image for longer until the option to copy the media link or the image address is displayed. Select this to copy the link to the clipboard:
  • Then start a new prompt via /imagine. Then copy the image URL directly into the text field. Alternatively, you can drag the image into the text line after the command to get the URL immediately.
  • Check the URL for the file extension. It must be one of the following so that Midjourney can use it: .png, .gif, .webp, .jpg, or .jpeg.
  • Then you can type in the desired prompt as usual and Midjourney will take care of the rest.

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