Palia: Fishing for rays of the void – all info

by Pramith

You can catch the Void Ray at Palia, along with many other fish. You should know where to look

How to fish for the skate of the void in Palia

Since the Void Ray cannot be found in all waters in the MMO game Palia, it is important that you know where to look for it.

  • Location: The Void Ray can only be found in the caves of Bahari Bay. It is important to be in this specific region in order to have success when fishing.
  • Timing: Unlike some other fish species, the skate of the void can be found in the caves of Bahari Bay at any time of day. It is therefore not necessary to pay attention to a specific time of day.
  • Bait: Fireflies serve as effective bait, as the Void Ray prefers them. Fireflies can either be bred yourself or purchased from Einar.
  • Patience: Fishing for the Void Stingray requires patience, as it is possible that other fish species such as the Stonefish or Blobfish will bite. It is important to remain patient and wait for the Void Ray to appear
  • Benefit: The Void Ray is important for certain tasks in the game, such as preparing a fish stew.

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