Palia: Old Coin – how to solve the quest

by Corinna

In Palia, you will be faced with tasks such as the “Old Coin” quest. If you follow a few instructions, it’s easy to complete

How to complete the “Old Coin” quest in Palia

To start and complete the “Old Coin” quest in the MMO game Palia, follow a few instructions.

  • Start quest: Visit the flooded castle in Bahari Bay to start the quest
  • Activate the quest: Inside the castle you will find a glowing vase. Click on it to officially start the quest
  • Talk to Zeki: After you have activated the glowing vase, talk to Zeki and ask him about the old coins. He will ask you to look for more coins.
  • Look for the vases: Find three more vases, all hidden in the castle. These vases are crucial for the progress of the quest.
  • Back to the Phoenix statue: Go to the Phoenix statue near which you started the quest. There you have to hand in the three vases one after the other
  • Read the messages: After you have handed in each vase, you will receive a message. Read it carefully as it contains important information for completing the quest.
  • Message to Zeki: As soon as you have delivered all the vases and read the messages, deliver the message to Zeki. This successfully completes the quest

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