Palia: How to find the oily anchovy

by Mike

The oily anchovy is a fish that you can catch in Palia. If you follow a few tips, this is very easy to do

How to find oily anchovies in Palia

The oily anchovy is a coveted fish in the MMO game Palia, which is required for various recipes and quests. However, with a few tips, catching this fish is uncomplicated and efficient.

  • Available around the clock: Unlike some other fish species, you don’t have to pay attention to a specific time of day for the oily anchovy. They can be found around the clock in the waters of Bahari Bay.
  • Search the rivers of Bahari Bay: Focus on the rivers in Bahari Bay if you want to catch the oily anchovy. Note that they are not found in ponds or the sea
  • Using worms as bait: To attract the oily anchovy, use worms as bait. Cast your line and wait for the oily anchovy to bite. In most cases, the catching process is quite quick, as the oily anchovy is not particularly rare.
  • Worm procurement: You can either breed worms yourself or purchase them from Zeki’s store. Self-breeding allows you to always have enough bait available at no extra cost.
  • Possible exceptions without bait: There are occasionally situations where you can have success catching oily anchovy without the use of worms. However, this is less reliable and should be considered an exception

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