GPS tracker for your bike: the 5 best models

by Pramith

With a GPS tracker, you can find out where your bike is if it gets lost. We show you the five best models in this practical tip

GPS tracker for your bike: these are the best

Bikes are often stolen, especially in large cities. If the bike in question is fitted with a GPS tracker, it can be located quickly. These devices are suitable for this purpose.

  • The Swisstrack GPS bike tracker costs 159 euros OVP. It is conveniently hidden in the frame under the seat post. The bike can be tracked with an app. The app and the tracking portal are in German
  • The GPS finders from PAJ are equipped with a SIM card and cost €4.99 per month. You enjoy various benefits, including the FINDER portal, which is included in the price. The all-round package including bike bag costs around 100 euros. The smaller version with fewer features, the PAJ GPS Easy, costs around 50 euros.
  • Disguised as a rear light, you can locate your bike with the vclone from velocate. However, at over 200 euros, the price is not without its drawbacks. The device is charged from the dynamo and can also be charged from the e-bike battery. You can then read the data in an app that you receive when you buy the device. As soon as you park your bike, you can activate the alarm. If your bike is now moved, you will receive a notification via the app.
  • The TkStar bike GPS tracker also comes as a camouflaged rear light. With an OVP price of 119.90, it is an affordable variant. Any SIM card can be used here. The accompanying app and the tracking portal are in German
  • The Bikefinder tracker is hidden in the handlebars (including racing handlebars). The SIM card incurs additional monthly costs. It has a standby time of up to eight weeks. GPS, Bluetooth and 2G are available as wireless technology

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