Palworld vs Pokemon: These are the differences

by Pramith

If you’ve ever played Palworld and Pokémon, you’ll recognize some similarities. But there are also differences that cannot be dismissed

Differences between Palworld and Pokemon

While the similarities between the eponymous monsters are often undeniable, Palworld is more reminiscent of survival games such as Ark, with the ability to build your own houses from collected materials. What’s more, it’s not just the monsters in Palword that let their fists do the talking in battle.

  • The player can also use weapons, from wooden sticks to rocket launchers, to weaken the monsters and then capture them. The fact that you can also break them down into materials afterwards would never be conceivable in Pokémon.
  • Just as players in Pokémon are not attacked by enemy gangs, à la raids in Minecraft, no humans can be captured in Nintendo games. Which is definitely the case in Palworld.
  • Palworld doesn’t just draw inspiration from Pokémon. It should be noted that Palworld is a PC game and is not available on the Nintendo consoles.

Palworld: Survival with monsters

As in survival games like Ark, Palworld is all about collecting materials. This is where the Pals once again show their differences to the Pokémon, as they can also support the player outside of battles, for example when collecting.

  • While your focus in Pokémon is on defeating the arenas, there are also similar opponents in Palworld. Here you have the chance to take on five strong bosses
  • The Legendary Pals are also very similar to the Pokémon. However, they differ in the catching system in that Palworld shows you the chance of obtaining the respective monster as a percentage.
  • Broadly speaking, Palworld can be described as a Pokémon with survival elements that also relate it to other video games.

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