Path of Exile 2: All info on the beta

by Pramith

You’ll be able to play Path of Exile 2 via closed beta when it releases in 2024. The scope of the beta is huge.

Path of Exile 2: Beta at a glance

The release of Path of Exile 2 is still waiting until June 2024. Here’s what’s already known about the beta:

  • It will be a closed beta. At the current time (as of September 2023), it is not yet known how or when players can register for the beta. There is also no information about an open beta yet.
  • The closed beta will take place over the usual period of a Challenge League, i.e. around three to four months. It will be used by the developers to put the finishing touches to the game.
  • The beta will include the full game with all six chapters. This includes a completely new continent, 600 monster types and 100 boss fights, as well as extensive loot and new skill trees with over 1,500 nodes.
  • 700 types of equipment, 240 skills and six new classes with three subclasses each await players. This allows you to customise your character just like in Path of Exile.
  • It is likely that six player co-op will also be part of the beta. This will allow players to play together with their friends as long as everyone gets access to the beta.

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