Phasmophobia: Banshee – how to recognize the ghost

by Corinna

In Phasmophobia, banshees are dangerous creatures that like to sing and scream. For this reason, they are easy to distinguish from other ghosts

Phasmophobia: Identifying banshees

The Banshee is one of the many ghosts in the horror game Phasmophobia. The creature from Celtic mythology and Irish legend focuses on just one team member and won’t let go of them.

  • For this reason, it is helpful if you identify the spirit. This allows the hunted person to hide while the others complete tasks
  • The following evidence indicates the presence of a banshee: Ghost bullets, D.O.T.S projectors, and fingerprints. It is also the ghost that sings most frequently at ghost events
  • Use the parabolic microphone to identify banshees. It has a characteristic cry that you can only hear using this tool. It is somewhat reminiscent of a throaty gust of wind
  • You should also make sure that only one person has been selected by the banshee as a hunting target. Each team member should speak into the microphone or use electronic devices in turn until the Banshee responds. The hunting target can then be quickly identified
  • Furthermore, an early start to the hunt can be a good indication that it is a banshee. As they only have one hunting target, an early hunt is possible

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