Facebook Protect: What it is and how to activate it

by Pramith

Facebook Protect is a security program from Facebook. It was developed to protect the accounts of people with an increased risk of abuse

Facebook Protect: What it is

The Facebook Protect program from Facebook was developed to protect the accounts of people with an increased risk of hacking and abuse. The foundations for this were laid back in 2018.

  • It is aimed in particular at political office holders, election candidates, journalists and other public figures whose accounts are exposed to a higher risk due to their activities.
  • To activate Facebook Protect, you must meet certain criteria and undergo verification. If you are not sure whether you meet the criteria, please contact Facebook support.
  • By activating Facebook Protect, you will receive additional security features such as extended monitoring options for suspicious activities, improved protection against hacking and phishing attacks and priority support for security issues.
  • Note that not all users automatically qualify for Facebook Protect and that the availability of this program may vary by region.

How to activate Facebook Protect

In order for Facebook Protect to affect your account, you must be a public figure.

  • Check your eligibility: To be eligible for Facebook Protect, you must belong to one of the above categories.
  • Facebook account settings: Log in to your Facebook account and go to Settings.
  • Verify your identity: To prove your eligibility for Facebook Protect, you may need to provide additional information or go through verification.
  • Enable Facebook Protect: Once your identity has been verified and you meet the required criteria, you can activate Facebook Protect. Follow the instructions on the screen to activate protection for your account.

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