Pokemon AshGray: All about the ROM Hack

by Pramith

Pokémon AshGray is a ROM hack that lets you experience the journey of Ash Ketchum from the anime. The game follows the experiences of the first season.

Pokémon AshGray: With Pikachu through Kanto

Pokémon AshGray is a hack of the Leaf Green and Fire Red editions, created by user metapod23. The ROM hack plays from Ash Ketchum’s point of view and allows you to catch all of the trainer’s Pokémon according to the story.

  • Naturally, you start your journey through Kanto with Pikachu. Over the journey, you will encounter Pokémon like Glumanda and the Schiggy Gang in story sections. You can only catch first-generation monsters, even ones Ash never had.
  • Team Rocket and numerous characters from the anime are also waiting for you. There are story events that equip you with special items that replace certain VMs and TMs.
  • For example, instead of the VM03 Surfer, there is a raft that carries you over the waves. With these items you follow the story of the anime exactly.
  • The movesets of the Pokémon have been slightly adjusted to make the battles fit better into the anime experience. In combination with the new sprites, a comprehensive improvement is offered.
  • The new maps and backgrounds make the playing field even more appealing. In addition, the game makes use of the innovations of the GameBoy Advance editions, such as the improved graphics.

Pokémon AshGray: Where can you download the ROM hack?

If you want to follow in Ash’s footsteps, you’ll need a working ROM of the Leaf Green or Fire Red edition and then patch it.

  • For legality reasons, we cannot give you a source for the download, as such ROMs violate copyright law. An internet search may be of assistance.
  • Alternatively, you can experience the original adventure via a second-hand version of the editions. If you want to play the more recent titles instead, try Crimson or Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Retterream DX, for example.

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