ChatGPT: My experiences with the AI chatbot

by Corinna

I have had my own experience with ChatGPT. The bot is the talk of the town and of course I wanted to know what the hype is about.

My experience with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is supposed to be helpful for summarising and also translating texts, finding arguments on certain topics and generally experimenting with language. That’s why I also wanted to “talk” to the chatbot once.

  • I was mainly interested in how correct, sensible or creative ChatGPT’s answers are. As for the former, I can only say that ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to the year 2021 and the bot creates statements based on probabilities. This does not mean that it will provide correct answers. Therefore, these should also be taken with a grain of salt. What was interesting for me was that the AI repeatedly refers to how it generates its statements and that you should never completely trust them.
  • The results were not meaningful to me either. I never felt that, for example, arguments for discussions on certain topics were conclusive enough to convince me or others. I also noticed that ChatGPT simply repeats itself relatively quickly and always points out that it should not be believed. I would therefore not pass on any private or business data to the bot. If you think you’ll quickly get a well-founded summary of an article, you’re wrong in my opinion, because the quality of the answers has always been poor and monotonous.
  • Artificial intelligences are also often associated with creativity. However, just like the term ‘intelligence’, ‘creativity’ is a fragile and subjective concept. For me, in any case, ChatGPT’s answers were not creative at all. An imaginative short story by the chatbot sounds to me like nothing more than a boring string of main sentences, and a poem looks just like what it is: a construct of words based on probabilities. If I want to hear something poetic about love, words like “heart”, “joy” or even “sorrow” often come up.

My conclusion on ChatGPT

I had some people’s shouts of enthusiasm and other people’s scary horror scenarios ringing in my ears as I looked into ChatGPT.

  • I can’t understand all the hype. Of course, such a chatbot is certainly a breakthrough in AI research. But for me personally, ChatGPT changes nothing.
  • I don’t feel that all the typing can be done for me by the bot without me having to constantly check what it says. Apart from the fact that I would never pass off an AI’s texts as mine.
  • But I’m also not worried that the AI’s texts would equal or even surpass mine, so that humans like me could be replaced by ChatGPT.
  • Neither do I have the impression that ChatGPT will usurp world domination and destroy humanity. It may be an Artificial Intelligence, but it doesn’t seem that advanced to me.
  • Maybe I am just not intelligent enough myself to realise the true potential of ChatGPT. Perhaps I will be proven wrong in a few years. But as of now, I’m neither hoping nor worrying that the chatbot will change anything.

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