Pokémon Go: How to catch Sen-Long

by Pramith

Since the Lunar New Year event in February 2024, the pocket monster Sen-Long has also been available in Pokémon Go. But catching the dragon-type Pokémon is tricky

How to catch Sen-Long in Pokémon Go

Sen-Long is a calm and quiet dragon-type Pokémon. This monster can also be obtained in the game Pokémon Go. But it’s not that easy.

  • Sen-Long cannot be found in the wild. If and when the pocket monster can be spotted and caught in the wild is completely unclear
  • Directly at the time of the Pokémon’s appearance, it is possible to obtain Sen-Long via a paid special research. However, this must be completed during the event period in order to obtain the dragon Pokémon
  • Another way to get Sen-Long is to complete the corresponding field research. However, this also only works during the event and only with the field research “Win 3 Raids”. However, other Pokémon can also appear as a reward here
  • Sen-Long can also be found in raids. These are 3-star raids that can also be mastered alone by advanced and correspondingly strong trainers. After winning the raid, it is then possible to catch Sen-Long

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