Instructions: How to connect your Fitbit with Apple Health

by Mike

Fitbit is an activity tracker that you can connect to Apple Health. After a few steps, you can use the apps together without any problems

Connect Fitbit with Apple Health: Instructions

If you don’t already have a Fitbit app on your smartphone, download it from the App Store and install it.

  • Open the Fitbit app: In the Fitbit app, sign in with your Fitbit account or create a new account if you don’t already have one.
  • Settings: In the Fitbit app, tap the profile icon or your user picture and select “Settings. “
  • Connect Apple Health: In the Fitbit app settings, look for the “Apps & Devices” option or similar and select “Apple Health”.

Authorize access: How to proceed

Allow the Fitbit app to access your Apple Health data by tapping “Authorize” or “Allow”.

  • Select data: Select the categories of data you want your Fitbit to share with Apple Health, such as steps, activity duration, and heart rate.
  • Confirm and synchronize: Confirm the selection and let the Fitbit app synchronize the data with the Apple Health app.
  • Check synchronization: Open the Apple Health app and check that your Fitbit data is displayed correctly.

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