Minecraft: How to breathe underwater

by Corinna

If you play Minecraft, it makes sense to know how to breathe underwater. After all, this will allow you to discover many more places.

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can usually breathe underwater for 15 seconds. However, there are ways to extend this time.

  • For example, you can enchant your breathing to stay underwater for up to 60 seconds, depending on the level. To achieve this, perform a helmet enchantment, for example with the enchantment table, or the anvil and the enchantment book.
  • It is also possible that you build an Aquisator. With this block you can stay under water indefinitely. However, building it requires a lot of effort and is very expensive.
  • You can stay under water for a very long time with the potion of underwater breathing. This will keep you under water for between 3 and 8 minutes. However, you need some materials to make it, such as a puffer fish, fire powder, water bottles, a brewing stand and a nether wart. For the stronger potion, you will also need a Redstone.
  • Place a door underwater, then you have the possibility to get air in the created space there.
  • The turtle shell helmet also allows you to stay under water for longer. It allows you to stay under the surface for 25 seconds without any problems. However, to get this shell you need 5 baby turtle horn shields.
  • Another option are magma blocks and sugar canes, which you place underwater, because they provide air bubbles for breathing.
  • Unethically, you can also use cheats in Minecraft to breathe underwater.

Breathe underwater in Minecraft, so it’s innfull

Breathing under water can be of great benefit in various game situations and projects. Here are some reasons listed:

  • Underwater exploration: With the ability to breathe underwater, players can spend extended periods of time underwater exploring the underwater world. This is especially helpful when exploring underwater dungeons, ocean monuments or other interesting structures.
  • Mining underwater: In Minecraft, there are valuable resources such as ores and treasures that can be found underwater. Breathing underwater allows players to perform mining operations in underwater caves or lakes without having to surface all the time.
  • Underwater structures: With the ability to breathe underwater, players can build underwater structures such as underwater bases or farms. These projects can be aesthetically pleasing and serve various functions.
  • Fighting underwater monsters: Minecraft contains underwater monsters such as drowned people that can be dangerous to players. Breathing underwater allows players to defend themselves underwater for longer periods of time and fight against such threats.

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