PS5: Use Discord on the PlayStation – Here’s how

by Pramith

Discord can be used on the PS5. All you have to do is link your Discord account to your PSN account

Use Discord on the PS5: Link and get started

Discord can only be used on the PlayStation 5 if you link your PSN account to the service.

  • To do this, you must first activate the Everyone option under Current game and PSN online status in the PSN privacy settings. Then switch to Discord.
  • You can access the Discord user settings via the cogwheel next to your avatar. This is possible via the web or mobile app. In the settings, navigate to the shortcuts
  • Use the Add accounts to your profile option to select the PlayStation Network icon. Log in and confirm the link. This completes the process
  • Open the Control Center on your PS5 via the PS button on the controller. Navigate to the Game Base tab and select it
  • Inside the Game Base you will find the Discord icon. Open the tab and you will find the servers and DM groups you have joined. Within these, select the desired voice channel and then join it.
  • It is only possible to use the Discord voice chat on the PS5. Screen sharing and other options are currently not available. However, you will receive a notification on PS5 when other users call you via Discord.
  • Important: Check that you have installed all pending system updates for your PS5. Even if you have already linked Discord, you will need to set up the link again after the update.

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