Minecraft: How to find the folder

by Pramith

You can find the Minecraft folder either via the launcher or on your system via the respective folder. All you need to know is the file path

Find the Minecraft folder: Methods

You don’t have to search your entire system to find the Minecraft folder. There are two methods that will get you there quickly:

  • Use the Minecraft launcher to find the installation folder. To do this, open the launcher and switch to the Installations tab:
  • You will find all Minecraft installations on your system there. You will see a folder icon next to each installation. Click on this to open the Minecraft folder
  • Alternatively, simply use your system’s Explorer. On Windows, the Minecraft folder is usually located under C:\Users\username\AppData\roaming\.minecraft. Alternatively, open the Run function ([WINDOWS key] and [R]), enter %appdata%/.minecraft and confirm.
  • If you are using a Mac, you can find the Minecraft folder using the Go to function. Press and hold [ALT] to access the library. The Minecraft folder is located inside Application Support.
  • Linux users will find the Minecraft folder under home/user. The folder may not be displayed because it is hidden. In this case, the key combination [CTRL] and [h] will help.

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