Roblox down: What you can do in case of a malfunction

by Michaela

If the game Roblox is down, you cannot play for the time being. In this practical tip, we will tell you what you can do in this situation and when Roblox will work again.

Fault: Roblox down – when will Roblox work again?

If Roblox is down and the servers are not accessible, you can unfortunately only wait until the problem is fixed. However, you should first find out whether the problem is really with the servers or possibly with your internet connection.

  • You can check the Roblox Twitter page or Downdetector to see if there is maintenance going on or if other users are having problems. If there are no messages here, Roblox may not be down.
  • So make sure you are connected to the Internet correctly. Open any page in your browser to test this.
  • If the internet is down, restart your router. This will solve most minor connection problems. If that doesn’t help, contact your Internet provider.
  • Also make sure that your smartphone is connected to the WLAN. To do this, go to “Settings” ☻ “Connections”. If you are gaming in the browser on your computer, restart your PC.
  • Your online game may also be blocked by your firewall or antivirus programme. Deactivate these two services as a test. If there are no more problems, we will show you how you can unblock the game in the firewall and in your anti-virus programme.
  • In some cases, disconnecting the router from the mains for about 10 seconds and then trying again can already help.
  • For information on current Roblox maintenance, please visit the official Twitter channel.

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