Who owns Netflix? All info

by Tobias

Who owns Netflix is a question asked by many of the popular streaming provider’s daily users. Netflix is a publicly traded company and is run by the founder of the company. It also produces its own TV shows.

Who owns Netflix?

Who owns Netflix is not something that everyday users of the streaming provider are necessarily aware of. Netflix was founded by US-Americans Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph in 1997 in California. Reed Hastings is still the CEO of the company.

  • Netflix has been publicly traded since May 2002, so there is no single owner of the company. A number of investors own shares in the company.
  • In the beginning in 1997, Netflix was an online video store. Subscribers received DVDs in the mail.
  • Ten years later, Netflix switched to video-on-demand, streaming series and movies for subscribers.
  • Since 2011, Netflix has also been producing its own series and films. The first in-house production was “House of Cards” with Oscar winner Kevin Spacey. The series later won a whole three Emmys.
  • Netflix now has over 200 million users.

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