Lords of the Fallen: Runes – Unlock and use runes

by Corinna

Runes in Lords of the Fallen improve weapons and armor. You must use rune tablets to optimize your equipment

Lords of the Fallen: Unlock Runes with Gerlinde

Runes in Lords of the Fallen are not available at the start of the game.

  • To do this, you must first free the blacksmith Gerlinde. To do this, you must travel to the Pilgrim’s Seat, or more precisely the bell tower. She is waiting for you at the bottom of the dungeon, which you can reach via the elevator
  • After the rescue operation, Gerlinde travels to the Sky Rest Bridge. Talk to the blacksmith to make use of her services.
  • At this point, you cannot use runes in your weapons and armor. You must first get Gerlinde one of the three rune boards in the game to unlock rune slots.
  • You can find the rune tablets in the Tower of Atonement, Fitzroy’s Gorge and in Upper Calrath. If you bring Gerlinde all three, you can even buy runes from her. Otherwise, you can only get them from bosses, certain enemies and as loot in the world.


Runes in Lords of the Fallen: Important Information

Once you have unlocked runes in Lords of the Fallen, you can have Gerlinde use them.

  • This is only possible if you upgrade weapons and armor. This gives you rune slots that offer space for runes. Only three slots per piece of equipment are available and you must deliver all rune tablets for these
  • You can only use runes in slots that have the right shape. The shape also depends on the type of rune.
  • Skill runes have a triangular shape, while inferno runes are star-shaped. Strength runes are almost round and ray runes are square. The shape therefore indicates at first glance which value it affects.
  • If you have upgraded your equipment using runes, they work automatically. You can therefore optimize your build in the game using the combination options.

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