Starfield: Is there multiplayer, co-op and crossplay?

by Johannes

Starfield seems to be made for exciting multiplayer games, but the game is still a purely single-player experience.

Starfield: Unfortunately completely without co-op and multiplayer

In Bethesda’s space adventure Starfield, players can explore a vast universe. It comes as little surprise that many players would like to experience exactly that together with their friends. However, this is not possible.

  • Starfield is a single-player game. You can therefore only play alone or be accompanied by AI-controlled characters. There is no co-op, online multiplayer or local splitscreen.
  • There are currently no plans for multiplayer or co-op at a later date. However, it is of course not completely out of the question that the developers will add such game modes at a later date.
  • However, the game has quite an active modding community that has already released numerous mods for the game. Therefore, it is possible that sooner or later a multiplayer mod for Starfield will also be released.
  • The role-playing game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, also developed by Bethesda, was also released without multiplayer and a co-op mod is now available here. However, the development took several years.
  • Since Starfield does not have multiplayer, you cannot play it with friends across platforms (crossplay). However, it is possible to take progress from the PC version to the Xbox version – and vice versa – (cross-progression).
  • The prerequisite for this is that you have downloaded the PC version of Starfield from the Microsoft Store. If you have the Steam version, you will not be able to transfer your game saves to Xbox.
  • Tip: If you want to explore space together with your friends, you can do so in similar games such as No Man’s Sky, Destiny 2 or Eve Online.

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