Starfield: Playtime – This is how extensive the sci-fi RPG is.

by Mike

The playtime in Starfield is highly dependent on your play style. You can put numerous hours into the sci-fi epic from Bethesda.

Playtime in Starfield: An Overview

When you first sit down in a spaceship in Starfield, the endless expanses of space are at your disposal. This can also be seen in the game time.

  • If you primarily follow the story and complete a few side quests along the way, you can expect a playing time of 30 to 50 hours. The very fast players can even see the end after about 20 hours.
  • Most players will probably need more than 50 hours to immerse themselves in Starfield. If you really want to see everything, it can take more than 200 hours.
  • Since you can continue to explore the universe after the final quest, the final playtime will of course depend on how much you enjoy playing. Alternatively, you can start a New Game Plus and experience a parallel universe as a Starborn.
  • A New Game Plus theoretically doubles the game time if you play the same way. If you play through just the story first and then want to see everything as a Starborn, you can spend more than 250 hours in Starfield.

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