The Quarry video game: All actors of the horror game.

by Johannes

The Quarry is a popular horror video game played as an interactive movie, which is why the characters are portrayed by real actors. Many of these actors should look familiar to you.

The actors from the video game The Quarry at a glance

The Quarry, developed by Supermassive Games, was released in 2022 and is inspired by well-known horror works such as “Friday the 13th”. The many characters are therefore kept similar. Most of them are naive and party-loving teenagers.

  • The rather quieter Ryan is one of the teenagers and is embodied by Justice Smith. The actor has already starred in the second and third parts of “Jurassic World”.
  • One of his closer friends is Dylan. He is played by Miles Robbins, who has already appeared in the horror flick “Halloween”.
  • The shy Abigail is played by Ariel Winter, who started her career through the series “Modern Family” which started in 2009.
  • Kaitlyn, who usually knows exactly what to do, is played by Brenda Song. Brenda should be familiar to all fans of “Hotel Zack & Cody”. Here she played the dumb heiress London Tipton.
  • The macho but sensitive Jacob is played by Zach Tinker. He became known for his role in “Days ouf our Lives “
  • Evan Evagora plays Abigail’s crush Nicholas. The actor has played the Romulan Elnor on “Stark Trek: Picard” since 2020 and is also a model.
  • The attractive and arrogant Emma can also be seen as Halston Sage in comedies such as “Kindsköpfe 2” or in sci-fi series such as “The Orville”.
  • Laura, who already appears in the prologue of The Quarry and only joins the group later, is played by Siobhan Williams. She has appeared in series such as “Deadly Class”.
  • Laura’s companion Max is portrayed by Skyler Gisondo, who has made guest appearances in several series and films, including “The Amazing Spider-Man”.
  • Travis Hackett, the sheriff of Hackett’s Quarry, is portrayed by Ted Raimi. He has starred in such classics as Dance of the Devils.
  • Also, David Arquette, who portrays Chris Hackett, starred in the quintessential classic vampire series: “Buffy”.
  • The retarded Bobby Hackett is portrayed by Ethan Suplee. Ethan previously appeared in “My Name Is Earl” as Randy.
  • Jedediah Hackett is the father of the family and is played by Lance Henriksen. He has already appeared in “Aliens 2”.
  • The mother Constance Hackett aka Lin Shaye is also a film veteran. She has appeared in several horror films including “Freddy’s New Nightmare. “
  • The more obscure witch Eliza Vorez is embodied by Grace Zabriskie. She has already starred in the mystery series “Twin Peeks”.

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