The Sims 4: Multiplayer mod – how to play co-op

by Pramith

The Sims 4 multiplayer mod S4MP allows you to play the life simulation together with others. This is possible online and via LAN

Install The Sims 4: S4MP Multiplayer Mod

The S4MP multiplayer mod from the team of the same name is available for The Sims 4. Up to twelve players can play together in one household. The installation works as follows:

  • First of all: All players, not just the person hosting the game, need a copy of Sims 4. Alternatively, everyone can play using the same EA account (previously Origin), but you will not have access to online functions such as the gallery.
  • All players also need the S4MP Launcher. You download this from the Curseforge page for Windows or Mac and then unzip the file.
  • In the unzipped folder you will find the launcher. Start it and decide whether you want to play the mod over a LAN network or online. The online version of the mod is currently only available via a Patreon subscription.
  • No matter which version you choose, the hosting person must now specify the file path of the Sims 4 installation. This differs depending on the platform and distribution platform from which you purchased the game.
  • If you are only joining one game, this is not necessary. However, all players except the hosting person must activate Custom Content and Mods and allow Script Mods in their Sims 4 settings under Other.
  • Attention: You do not all have to have the same extension packs. The host can use the automatic synchronization function, which ensures that the mod synchronizes the scope to the last common pack.

The Sims 4: Start game in multiplayer mod

Once the preparations for the launcher are complete, all that remains is to start the S4MP server.

  • The hosting person starts the game beforehand without the multiplayer mod. A new savegame is now created with the Sims that everyone wants to take over. For example, if there are four of you playing, you will need four Sims in one household
  • Save the savegame and close the game. Now you must allow access to the firewall after specifying the file path. This will prevent possible connection problems.
  • If the players do not use the same network, the hosting person must release port 7654. This ensures that the other players have access to the game state.
  • Then click on the Create game or Join game button in the launcher. The hosting person must pass on the IP address to the others so that they can join.
  • Once everyone has joined, the save state is automatically synchronized. Then everyone starts the game via the launcher. Let Sims 4 load and in the main menu everyone selects the same savegame and household
  • All players appear in the same household. You can then theoretically play as normal, but traveling from one property to another is only possible in a group. There is no individual travel function yet


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