Warframe Crossplay and Cross-Save: All Info

by Flo

If you play the shooter on different platforms, you are surely wondering about crossplay and cross-save in Warframe. Although the functions do not exist at the moment, they are in development.

All info on the upcoming cross-save and cross-play for Warframe

The action of Warframe is most fun with friends. All the better if friends from different platforms could play together.

  • Warframe is available for Windows, PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.
  • At the moment there is no crossplay for Warframe. As a PS4 player, for example, you can only play together with other PS4 players in a lobby.
  • The good news: Digital Extremes already announced on Twitter that they are working on the feature. After years of requests from the gaming community, crossplay support is finally set to arrive in 2022.
  • The same goes for cross-save for Warframe. The function is not yet implemented, but should come along with Crossplay.


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