What is CGI: Simply explained

by Mike

CGI is an abbreviation for Computer Generated Imagery, which in turn means all computer-generated image effects in films. Although the process is quite complex, it is indispensable for horror, action, science fiction and fantasy films.

What is CGI? All info

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery,i.e. the abbreviation stands for all digital, computer generated image effects in films.

  • This involves scanning reference materials such as drawings or landscape models and importing them into a programme where they are then animated and edited.
  • Motion capture technology is an innovation based on this, in which actors’ movements are scanned and then transferred to computer-animated figures. The sci-fi film “Avatar” (2009) is considered the pinnacle of this technology.
  • The two-minute animated short film “The Little Lamp” (Luxo Jr.) from 1986 is considered a milestone of CGI. In 1987 it was nominated for an Oscar as best animated short film. It was produced by Pixar Animation Studios, who still use the lamp as their logo today.
  • Although the process is very laborious, modern horror, action, science fiction and fantasy films still use CGI because of the endless possibilities to depict fictional characters and action situations.
  • Computer-generated images can now be used to create entire worlds. “Toy Story” (1995) was the first Hollywood film to be produced entirely on computer.

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