Freestyle Libre 3: Price and costs at a glance

by Pramith

The Freestyle Libre 3 has its price, but the sugar measurement system is comfortable, because the annoying and often unpleasant finger pricking is eliminated

Freestyle Libre 3 – this is the price you have to expect

The price for the Freestyle Libre 3 is high, but more comfort has never been cheap. Because, according to the manufacturer, the sensor offers “continuous sugar control around the clock”.

  • The Freestyle Libre 3 consists of a special sensor and a free app for iOS and Android to read out the data with the smartphone. Alternatively, the sugar values can be received with a reader.
  • A so-called FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor costs 65.90 euros. You have to replace the sensor after fourteen days. This means that you incur monthly costs of around 132 euros. It is somewhat more convenient if you decide on the monthly cancellable advantage subscription. In this case, seven sensors are automatically sent to you every quarter. The price for the quarter is 461.30 euros.
  • The reader costs 65.90 euros once and is designed for long-term use. If you lose it, you can get a replacement through the manufacturer.
  • Many health insurance companies cover the costs of the Freestyle Libre 3 system. You can find out if your health insurance is covered by the list on the website. You can also find the application form for coverage on the manufacturer’s website.

Freestyle Libre: How blood glucose monitoring works

The Abbott glucose monitoring system is designed to help people with diabetes enjoy everyday life as much as possible. To make it easier to manage the chronic disease, FreeStyle Libre 3 provides “a reliable and accurate overview of the current values and the course of the sugar level around the clock”.

  • All you need is the above-mentioned sensor, which you attach to the skin on your upper arm with the help of an applicator. After about 60 minutes, you can take your first measurement. Because the sensor stores all measurement data for 14 days, no data can be lost even if the signal is lost for a short time.
  • The FreeStyle Libre 3 system automatically measures and transmits your sugar levels to the associated app every minute. Alternatively, the reader can be used to receive the data.
  • With a quick glance at the display of the receiver, you can see not only your current sugar level, but sometimes the trend of the sugar level. Optional alarms warn of too high and too low values.
  • Sharing the current data, for example with family members, is also possible via the free LibreLinkUp app. Abbott offers the cloud-based diabetes management system Libre View for an uncomplicated exchange of sugar values with the treating practice.

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