Where is ctrl on the keyboard? Answered quickly

by Corinna

Where ctrl is on the keyboard can be explained quickly. This key is required to execute certain commands simply by pressing a key combination

Where ctrl is on the keyboard: Here you will find the key

The ctrl key is important if you want to speed up your work on the computer using keyboard shortcuts.

  • The key is located on the far left under the Shift key. You will find a second ctrl key on the right-hand side to the left of the arrow keys.
  • “Ctrl” stands for “Control”. The key with this exact wording is therefore only available on keyboards with an English layout.
  • If you have a QWERTZ keyboard, i.e. a keyboard with a German keyboard layout, you can use the Ctrl key instead. “Ctrl” is the short form for “Control”.
  • Apart from the label, there is no difference between the ctrl and Ctrl keys. The key combinations with the ctrl key can therefore also be executed with the Ctrl key. Both keys are in the same place on the keyboard.

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