Reset Lenovo tablet: Here’s how

by Pramith

You can reset your Lenovo tablet if you have problems with the operating system. The reset will reboot the handy computer.

Resetting your Lenovo tablet made easy

The following points will help you reset your Lenovo tablet:

  • If you are using a Lenovo tablet with Android as the operating system, open the System Settings. Within the system settings you will find the menu Backup & Restore.
  • After opening the security menu, navigate to the Reset Factory Settings option. Start the reset with Reset tablet.
  • For Lenovo tablets with a Windows operating system, the process is similar. Also open the settings via the cogwheel and then navigate to Updates & Security.
  • Select Restore and then the option Reset this PC. Then follow the instructions to restore the tablet.
  • Important: After resetting, all personal data on your tablet will be deleted. The tablet will then be back in its factory state. A backup of the data can help if you do not want to lose everything.

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