Apple Watch i-symbol: how to find it

by Corinna

The i symbol has different meanings on the Apple Watch. Depending on what the “i” stands for at the moment, you will find it in a different place on the Apple Watch display.

Find the “i” symbol on the Apple Watch

You will discover the i symbol on the display of your Apple Watch quite often. The i icon is especially important when you want to connect or disconnect the Apple Watch from your iPhone.

  • Normally, the pairing between iPhone and Apple Watch is automatic. During the connection process, you will find the i symbol in the lower right area of the display. It indicates that the connection is in progress.
  • If pairing the Apple Watch with the iPhone does not work the traditional way using the smartphone camera, use the i icon for a manual connection. After tapping the i icon on the right of the Watch display, manually enter the six-digit code on the iPhone. If you want to disconnect again, just click on the i symbol.
  • If you don’t see the i symbol anywhere on the Apple Watch display, first open the Watch app. Then go to “My Watch” and then to “All Apple Watches”. Finally, select the option “i icon” and “Unpair Apple Watch”. One reason why you can’t find the i icon is often that the Apple Watch is still connected to another iPhone.
  • If this does not work, delete the data on the Apple Watch. In this case, first go to “Settings” and then to the “General” option. Finally, select “Reset” and then “Erase settings and content”.
  • By the way: If you are missing an Apple Watch, tap on the i symbol next to the corresponding watch. You can then use the “Where is it?” app to locate the lost Apple Watch. If you discover the i icon in the apps, you will usually get more information when you tap on it.

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