Aggressive wasps: That’s why wasps always fly into your face.

by Johannes

Wasps fly specifically into the face when they are looking for food. Exactly where they fly in general depends on the time

That’s why wasps fly into your face

High temperatures, lots of sunshine and delicious food outdoors – summer simply puts you in a good mood. However, as quickly as the joy comes, it also vanishes again when a flock of wasps destroys the barbecue in the garden. The reason for this seemingly aggressive behaviour: The wasps are looking for food for their offspring.

  • At the beginning of summer, the animals need especially much protein for the larvae and therefore fly more frequently to meat and sausage. The wasps themselves feed on the sap of the larvae during this time.
  • Wesps fly into your face because they have a very keen sense of smell, which enables them to locate even the smallest scraps of food. If you eat or drink products containing protein and sugar, tiny traces will inevitably remain on your teeth and lips. The wasps notice these and target them specifically.
  • But even if you haven’t eaten anything, the wasps always seem to fly specifically at your face and body. This is due to their special locating system: wasps have fixed eyes and cannot focus on objects the way humans can. That’s why they zigzag around to locate objects and food.
  • By the way, there is little truth to the persistent rumours that wasps have become more aggressive in recent years, especially towards the end of summer. In fact, according to experts, the behaviour of the insects has not changed – only the number of wasps is higher in warm summers. This gives the impression that wasps are more frequent and aggressive.
  • In order to drive wasps away, you should not lash out wildly or blow on them, if possible. This only makes the animals unnecessarily aggressive. Instead, set up dummy wasp nests, for example. If the wasps see that you already have a swarm, they will avoid you.

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