Connecting the Ring Doorbell: Simple instructions

by Johannes

Whoever wants to connect a Ring Doorbell can do so within an hour. The installation of the doorbell does not require any special expertise. We explain step by step how to install the Ring Doorbell

Connect the Ring Doorbell: Preparations

If you want to equip your house with the Ring Doorbell, you need to prepare a few items:

  • First, you should choose a suitable installation height for the Ring Doorbell. According to the manufacturer, it should be installed at least 120 cm above the floor. The angle of coverage of the doorbell can then be optimised using the wedge holder.
  • Now switch off the fuse and remove the old bell if one is still installed. Cut the wires directly at the bell and expose them a little with a wire stripper.
  • You now need to drill four holes for the bell in the façade. Simply take the diameter from the fixing holes on the unit. Then place dowels in the drill holes for a better hold of the bell.
  • Remove the bezel of the Ring Doorbell and insert the enclosed spirit level. This step completes the preparation. Do not put the bezel back on the unit.

Fix Ring Doorbell to the facade

Once you have completed everything for mounting the Ring Doorbell, it is now attached to the wall. Follow the steps below:

  • Connect the wires from the wall to the brackets on the back of the Ring Doorbell. To do this, loosen the two screws a little and insert the cable ends. Then close them again.
  • If the cables do not want to fit, use the extensions included in the delivery. Use them to connect the cables and then fix them to the unit as described.
  • Place the bell on the wall over the pre-drilled holes. It is important that all cables are embedded in the wall. Fasten the bell using suitable screws.
  • Now attach the cover that is included with the bell. All you have to do is snap it into place from above. Finally, fix the cover with a screw and the Ring Doorbell is ready for use.

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